Saturday, May 2, 2015

True Citrus GGMS Recipe

In my last post I mentioned how much I LOVE the Facebook groups right?!?  I really do, the ladies there are AMAZING and all of the encouragement a girl could ask for. Anyway, on to the real purpose of this post ;)

 I was scrolling through the posts in the Trim Healthy Mama facebook group and saw a post by fellow TMH-er Kelley Pack about her newest (And favorite!) version of GGMS. It seemed very intriguing and once it was confirmed that the flavoring packets WERE on plan (The sugar amount in the ingredients is so small it has no impact!) I knew I had to try it.  I didn't have the Black Cherry Limeade packets on hand but I DID have another flavor by the same company so I used that instead.  It was AMAZING!!!!  If you don't have any of the flavoring packets on hand you will want to get some, you really shouldn't miss this.  I am going to include both her original recipe here and the version I made after being inspired by her creation.

True Lime Black Cherry Limeade Water Enhancer
*1 serving does 16oz of water.  I actually use 1 serving for a full qt jar though and find the sweetness perfect for my tastes!
2Tbs Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with "The Mother"
Ice (optional)

Mix flavoring packet, vinegar, water, and ice if desired together in a drinking glass/jar. Enjoy!

P.S. I think that the Ball Drinking Lid & Reusable Straw must be a "thing" for those who THM, and for good reason!  It is one of the best investments I ever made <3

Raspberry Lemonade GGMS
True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade Water Enhancer - 1 serving (More if desired!)
1qt Jar of water
1/4c Ginger Juice (Or ground ginger to taste)
*I make my own ginger juice by blending fresh ginger root with a cup of water and then straining out the fiber.  I add the liquid to a quart jar and fill the rest of the way with water. This can be stored at least a week in the fridge!
2 Tbs Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with "The Mother"
Ice (optional)

Mix all ingredients together in a 1qt jar and you are done!  I find it easiest to put my ice in first, the ginger and vinegar next, then the flavoring packet and top off with water last.

This brand makes several flavors of water enhancer; I plan to experiment with them all!
True Lemon
True Orange
True Lime
True Lemonade
True Raspberry Lemonade
True Peach Lemonade
True Black Cherry Limeade
True Mango Orange
True Lemon Iced Tea

 Happy Sipping!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

THM Shrinker Recipe - The COOLest Way To Sip Your Fat Away

One of the things I love the most about the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating is that I was finally able to kick a two decade long addiction to soda and artificial coffee creamer. I ate fresh foods and tried really hard to follow a balanced diet but sugary drinks were my kryptonite.  I tried several times to change to different sweeteners or get used to diet soda. I even tried cutting sweetened drinks out of my diet completely but could never stick to it.

I heard about Trim Healthy Mama from a friend who had lost over 50lbs on the plan and whose weight issues and eating style were very similar to mine.  I hung out in the groups on Facebook and tried some recipes I found floating around on Pinterest but wasn't real sure I wanted to invest in the book.  Then I ran across a blog post about Trim Healthy Mama drink recipes and decided to try a few.  I WAS HOOKED!  I could do this, I could give up my soda.  I could master my weight and have food and DRINK freedom.  I tried one drink recipe after another and liked them all.

One day noticed a lot of people in the facebook groups saying that a drink called "The Shrinker" was a great weight loss tool for them. Wahooo, I was going to drink it by the bucketfuls. I whipped up a batch right then and there. I HATED it!!!  Not disliked, not "thought it was gross"... I HATED it.  Those that know me are quite aware that I don't give up easily.  I tried a LOT of different "tweaks" and took the advice of many other people following the plan until one day I took a sip and then another and another until the entire quart jar was empty.  I had found a winner!

I want NEED to share the finished recipe with you so that you can experience the joy that I do from this new healthier way of eating (And drinking!).

The COOLest Shrinker Recipe
(Makes 2qt)
1. Fill a 2qt saucepan with water and bring to a boil.
*You could also measure almost 2qt into any size pan.
2. Remove from heat and add regular and/or oolong tea bags.
*Oolong is important to the weight loss properties. I use 4 lipton and 4 oolong.
3. Steep until tea reaches room temperature and then discard tea bags.
4. Add 3 doonks of Stevia. (Sweeten to taste)
*"Doonks" are the measurement used for THM brand stevia and are equivalent to 1/32tsp. If using a different sweetener, I find that a doonk is equivalent to a tablespoon of sugar in sweetness.
5. Pour tea into a clean 2qt jar and then add the following:
    1/2c unsweetened almond milk
    1tsp caramel extract
    1tsp vanilla
    1/2tsp cinnamon (Some prefer to add a cinnamon stick to the tea while it is steeping)
    1/4tsp cayenne pepper
6. Put the lid on your jar and shake it really well.
7. Remove the lid and fill the rest of the way with water and then shake it again to mix.

I pour half of the finished drink into a 1qt jar and use that as my drinking glass with my nifty Ball Drinking Lid & Reusable Straw.  You may want to add some ice to this first jar so it is cold. I save the other half for later, or at least attempt to; More often than not my Husband or one of the kids gets to it first ;)  I hope you like our version of this AMAZING drink just as much as we do, happy sipping!